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  • General fitness plays an important role in trekking. In the chart below is the minimal training required for the trek.
  • Ideally a normal person needs minimum of 45 days of preparation for a high altitude trek. Cardiovascular endurance has to be improved, which can be done by running, brisk walking, stair climbing and swimming.
  • The concentration is on 2 major groups of muscles, which will needs strengthening (hands, chest and legs).
Exercise Count / Duration
Brisk walking Continuous and maintained for at least for one hour (8 km - 1 hour)
Running Minimum continuous running (30 min - 4 km)
Stair Climbing 15 to 20 mins of stair climbing at a moderate pace, preferably with a 5 kg back pack.
Pushups or wall pushups 10 counts X 3 repetitions, and after the first week you can increase the count and repetition progressively.
Half leg squats 15 counts X 3 repetitions, progress accordingly
Breathing Yoga and pranayama