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It has been an awesome trekking experience with CAF operated by RHTE.

Mr. Vivian is an experienced trekker and operator whom we could all achieve goal reaching junargali without much difficulty. He has been very interactive throughout, building confidence and with stories behind each places and spots of the trail. All my wishes to RHTE to climb up high with flying colours same as they take people like us to higher altitudes with ease.

Muneer P. M

I don’t know how to begin but I know, a few words will not be enough to speak about Rock hill. I came from Dubai with a lot of tensions and fears, fears about my health, fears about the longest/biggest trek.. fears about the extents to which I will have to tread out of my comfort zone.. but at wan, RHTE joined and all of this concerns are wiped away at all time there was someone or the other around us…not a single one of us were felt unattended, it has to be noted, we are not a small group of 3 or 4, we were team of 38!!!The Person who must be called out specifically is our trek leader @ Vivian Sebastian. We called him “divyan” (dubbed -the person who sees everything, who knows everything). He knows everything about our team.. He took time to understand each of us. Understood our health and each of our weaknesses and helped us where and when we needed it, And then there was pavan like his name, he was quick like the wind, and he would be among us and help us a lot…And like this each and everyone. A lot of beautiful days,, they made us feel as comfortable as possible they returned us as healthy as they found.

Lizz Lincy

Mr.Vivian is one of the most experienced trek Guide or I would say master with passion for the mountains and confidence in his skill, all on board are going to enjoy every moment in his supervision.

Sanjeev Arora

Me and my team had a wonderful experience at RHTE. The safety measures are of high standards and excellent instructions were provided by the adventure trainers. Keep rocking guys.

Resh R Pillai